In general, shipping for the contiguous United States is:

Standard Shipping: 4-5 business days

Express Delivery/Shipping: 3 business days (if available)

Expedited Delivery or Two-day Shipping: 2 business days (if available)
One-day Shipping: Within 1 business day (if available)

In general, for shipping to Alaska, Hawai‘i, and Puerto Rico, please allow for an additional 3-4 business days. Some shippings options may or may not apply to noncontiguous states and U.S. territories.

For international purchases (in general), please allow 5-10 business days. Additional shipping charges may be required and will be applied at checkout. Shipping times may be shorter when ordering through Barnes and Noble or Amazon or other retailers.

If purchasing through Amazon, additional shipping options may be available. Please note, third party vendors may change their shipping rates at any time and may require additional fees.

There is no shipping charge for ordering the eBook directly from A complete download to your device, eReader platform, or account is considered delivery.

If ordering the eBook from another vendor, there is no shipping charge but there may be additional fees set by the third party vendor.

Shipping rates do not include tax.

For delivery inquiries, please visit the Contact page.